Neo-Nazi Arrested with Bomb-Making Materials Walks Free on Bond as Judge Deems Him as ‘No Threat’ – Anti Media News

All the while cops were finding the disturbing evidence in his garage, the man himself was out buying more guns and 500 rounds of ammo.

Let that sink in for a moment, here is a man, who was enough of a threat to be investigated, was found to be in possession of bomb-making materials while he was out buying hundreds of rounds of ammo, is deemed nonthreatening. What is the nation coming to when a man like Russell is seen as perfectly fine to walk free, while immigrants and Muslims are vilified on a daily basis as being the largest threats to American society. Why is there a double standard here?

Everything came to light when his roommate, Devon Arthurs was charged with murdering their other two roommates. Arthurs led police to both bodies as well as the bombs that Russell had made.

According to Arthurs, all three of his roommates were neo-Nazi believers and when Arthurs converted to Islam they disrespected him and his new beliefs.

Arthurs, the Muslim is to remain behind bars, but Russell the Nazi walks free. Both men regardless of their belief systems are clearly disturbed and dangerous to the public, yet the law has chosen to acknowledge one as being so. There are no making excuses for either of the men, and both should be in custody.

According to him, Russell would threaten on white supremacist websites to blow buildings up and kill people.

Federal prosecutors stated Russell was a real threat to the community but the judge just didn’t see it that way.

What are your thoughts about Russell walking free, while Arthur remains behind bars? Do you think prejudice played a part in how differently these men were treated under the law? If you were law enforcement, given the evidence, do you think the paraphernalia he had in his possession was really harmless, and that Russell is truly not a threat to the public? Join the discussion in the comments below.


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