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A Washington man was arrested on hate crime charges after threatening to murder three men he assumed were Muslims.

Police said Kenneth Sjarpe, 55,  shouted racial slurs at the men, ordered them to leave the country and then threatened to shoot them during the incident last month at a Bellevue gas station, reported Travis Gettys of Raw Story.

One of the victims told police he was pumping gas, while two of his relatives waited in the car. Then Sjarpe came out of the Arco store and started yelling at them.

“Go back to your country,” Sjarpe said, adding a racial slur. “I’ll shoot you.”

The driver’s brother got out of the car and shouted back at Sjarpe, who then got into his Ford Bronco and drove toward them.

Sjarpe again threatened to kill the other men, whom he repeatedly referred to as Muslims, and then drove away.

Police were called and they reviewed surveillance video footage, which seemed to match their account of the incident.

A detective found Sjarpe the next day, and he admitted to arguing with the other men and said he “probably” used a racial slur. Sjarpe also admitted to supporting an even more strict version of Trump’s Muslim ban that was found to be illegal in federal courts.

“His voice got louder as he started talking about how he hated those people,” the detective said in a report. “Iranians, Indians, Middle Easterners — they shouldn’t be in our country (and they’re) taking our jobs.”

He then told the detective that he “supports Trump in keeping them out.”

Sjarpe has a pattern of being violently prejudice and could also face charges from a similar incident a week later, when an Ethiopian immigrant said a man called him a racial slur and then chased him up the stairs at a business.

“I want you guys to get out of my country, (racial slur),” Sjarpe allegedly said. “If you don’t leave, I will make you disappear.”

The victim, who came to the U.S. 37 years ago from Africa, yelled out for help and some passersby came and chased off the violently racist Trump supporter.

Sjarpe was arrested June 8 and charged with malicious harassment, the equivalent of a hate crime charge in the state, and felony harassment.

He remains jailed on $200,000 bail.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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