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A Trump supporter got more than he bargained for when he publicly debated a 12-year-old boy outside a Huntington Park, California city council meeting. Taken to task by a young child the Trump supporter debases the boy saying he was brainwashed. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Video of the incident has since gone viral, with many praising the young man for standing up to hate and even calling him the face of future leadership in America.

As reported by Alternet:

Video of the heated altercation was posted to Facebook, according to a new report by People Magazine, who reported that “the angry man was wearing a Trump flag and shouted ‘American! American!’ in support of the U.S. president to the people exiting the meeting.”

The video begins with twelve-year-old Joseph Moreno receiving praise for his public comments inside the city council chambers. The Trump supporter then interrupts saying he was, “a little brainwashed little boy.”

“I’m a racist? I’m a racist?” the man shouted at the twelve-year-old. “You have no idea, you’re just a little boy!”

“Actually, I have an idea, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten high honors,” Moreno retorted.

As the crowd praised the boy, Moreno continued to debate while receiving fist bumps and pats on the back.

“Hey, it’s not worth fighting a little kid,” Moeno deadpanned.

Veronica Tomas, who posted the video, wrote, “Mark my words.. he is a future leader!”

Watch the full video to see if you agree:

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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