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A botched drug deal that led to the death of a young man in an affulent town has shaken people up BUT the aftermath is more of a mess than you can imagine!

So, a white accused drug dealer told police that he shot and killed a man who trued to steal a bag of marijuana from him and he is NOT facing a murder charge. YET, the two young black men with the black man who died are facing murder charges…. GO FIGURE!

So, Matthew Stecher, had been charged with voluntary manslaughter in Shaker Heights Municipal Court. However he is now facing only a fourth-degree felony drug trafficking charge in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

This is after the May 22nd botched drug deal that resulted in the murder of Isaiah Lampkins, who was accompanied by Kevin Mahone and Da’Jon Carouthers.

Mahone and Carouthers are both facing felony murder charges because they participated in the aggravated robbery that led to Lampkins’ slaying!

Stecher has posted 10% of his $50k bond and is free, walking the streets… This man was dealing marijuana and shot someone dead?

Mahone was allegedly trying to buy a pound of marijuana from Stecher at a vacant home in Pepper Pike. However, Mahone and his two accomplishes allegedly turned up and tried to steal the marijuana from Stecher’s hands. After a struggle records say one of the men put a gun to the back of Stecher’s head. Stecher rolled over, pulled his gun and let off three shots.

After running around 20ft Lampkins fell to the ground and died from his injuries.

Stecher ran to his vehicle and drove away.

It was the first homicide in the city since 1995.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the young men who tried to rob this guy were in the wrong if the story is right. Maybe they deserve the murder charges BUT so does Stecher, who was engaged in illegal acts, who was armed and ready for this kind of outcome. They all deserve the charge of murder, they all were involved YET being white and affluent means that he walks free, or so it seems!

A gun carrying drug dealer, white, blue, magenta or black, IS a danger to the community!

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