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Authorities have declined to call the brutal kidnapping and slaying of Muslim Teen Nabra Hassanen a hate crime, and have instead chalked the incident as being a road rage incident gone sour. As friends, family and loved ones mourned her death, a memorial was set up in her honor.

Unfortunately the hate that Nabra experienced in life has carried on in death as vandals set fire to the memorial erected for her.

As reported By Raw Story:

The memorial erected for Nabra Hassanen, the 17-year-old Muslim girl who was murdered earlier this week, was set on fire Wednesday morning.

Local news station Fox 5 DC reports that Washington, DC fire officials responded to a report of a fire at the memorial at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Officials extinguished the fire, but the memorial was destroyed by the time they arrived on the scene.

The nature of the fire is now under investigation, officials say.

As they dismissed her abduction and murder as being anything other than a hate crime, the likelihood of any just outcome from the investigation of the fire is laughable.

Hassanen was murdered earlier this week in what police have described as a road rage incident. Her suspected killer, a 22-year-old man named Darwin Martinez Torres, got into a verbal argument with her while he was driving in his car, and while she and her friends were walking to a restaurant to have one final feast before their Ramadan fast.

At some point during the argument, Torres pulled over his car, got out, and began chasing the girls with a baseball bat. He eventually abducted Hassanen and took her into his car, while her friends ran to a nearby mosque to get help.

It is not revealed as to what was the catalyst for for the argument was, but do you think the same incident would have happened if the group of females were white, or non Muslim?

Her body was found later in the day in a nearby pond, and police have since arrested Torres and charged him with second-degree murder.

Given the circumstances of her death, and now the vandalism of her memorial, how inclined are you to believe she is not the victim of a hate crime? Is it all just a series of coincidences? Why is law enforcement so hesitant to call her murder and the motives behind it exactly what it is- a hate crime?

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(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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