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A bill passed the New Jersey General Assembly on Thursday that would requiring schools to teach kids, as early as kindergarten, how to interact with police “in a manner marked by mutual cooperation and respect.”

It is unknown at this time if they will teach the kids they are allowed to be “mutually” disrespectful with police as well. Also not mentioned is what they will teach the kids to do when they are being respectful and the police beat them anyway.

Assembly Bill A1114 passed unanimously, 76-0, and is now on its way to the state Senate, reported NBC News. If signed into law, then the program could begin in state schools as early as 2018.

The bill mandates that school districts begin teaching kids how to talk to law-enforcement officers, starting in kindergarten, and the instruction would continue as part of the social studies curriculum all the way through grade 12. Strangely, there is no proposed curriculum for how to interact with anyone else, just cops.

NBC reported, when the bill was introduced in 2016, it faced criticism from those who thought it placed the onus for positive police interactions on kids (which, let’s be real, it seems to do), requiring that the children be taught “the role and responsibilities of a law enforcement official in providing for public safety; and an individual’s responsibilities to comply with a directive from a law enforcement official.” An amended version of the bill now includes a directive that children also be taught about “an individual’s rights under law in interacting with a law enforcement official.”

Many activists oppose the proposed legislation.

“This legislation does not empower young people, especially those living in brown and black communities,” New Jersey-based teacher and activist Zellie Imani said. “Instead, it empowers law enforcement by allowing them to continue to evade accountability for abuse and misconduct while forcing the burden on the public.”

However, the bill’s primary sponsor, Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, seems to think that cops are not at fault for their actions, and rather than address the problem of cops beating and shooting innocent people, they will train the kids to quietly accept the beatings and be good slaves.

“The number of police related shootings around the nation have created a mistrust of police in many communities. This can help rebuild the trust that is essential for law enforcement to work,” Oliver said.

“This is a lesson many parents already teach to their children,” Oliver said, referring to police interaction. “Making it part of the school curriculum is the next logical step.”

It seems like the police officers should be trained how to interact with and mutually respect everyone else. If they can’t do it, they they should be fired, just like every other job where people cannot fulfill the job requirements.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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