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An off-duty Lansing, IL police officer pinned down a 15 year old black kid and threatened to murder him because the boy was trying to help a friend who happened to be on the officer’s property.

The incident began Saturday night when a few teenage boys got into a fight with another group of boys. After the fight, Jordan Brunson, 15, said he was trying to help his friend—who was sitting on the officer’s porch—as his friend had been beaten up pretty badly in the fight, reported WGNTV.

“I was examining him. I was going to go tell his grandmother,” Jordan said.

That’s when the off duty officer came out of nowhere and attacked the 15 year old.

“You guys are on my fucking property!” the off-duty cop can be heard screaming on the video below as he pins Jordan to the grass with his hand around the boy’s neck.

“Let me go!” Jordan can be heard pleading.

“No, you are on my fucking property. I could fucking kill you,” the unidentified officer responds.

Jordan’s friend who had been sitting on the officer’s porch is the one who shot the video. The teen can heard on camera sounding agitated, attempting to find a solution to the situation, as the video image itself moves from side to side as if the teen is pacing back and forth while filming, said The Root.

“Bro, we can just forget all about this and run,” the teen filming can be heard saying on the video. “Let him go!”

“Why are you doing this?” Jordan asks.

Jordan told WGN that the officer never identified himself as a police officer, never asked the teens what they were doing on the property and never asked them to leave the property before launching his attack.

Jordan’s aunt, Lashawna Brunson, says she is outraged at what she has seen in the video and is demanding that the officer be brought up on charges.

“If he wasn’t an officer, just a regular man, would they do the same thing? No, he’d be locked up,” she said.

Watch the WGN report with video of the incident below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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