Man Spends 90 Days In Jail Because Police Thought Drywall Powder Was Cocaine – Anti Media News

Karlos Cashe, a handyman from Oviedo, FL was wrongfully imprisoned because police don’t know the difference between drywall powder and crack cocaine.

Initially, in March, police pulled Cashe over for driving without headlights, but once they inspected his car, they found the powder on the floor and seats of the car. The powder, which was tested by a K-9 unit, came back positive for cocaine, authorities claimed. Cashe, who was on probation for 2015 marijuana and cocaine charges, was not only arrested for the alleged drugs, but also for supposedly violating his curfew, according to WFTV.

In his interview with WFTV, Cashe explained that he tried to tell the officers the powder was drywall that he used for his work.

“I know for a fact that it’s drywall because I’m a handyman,” Cashe said.

After spending 90 days in jail without bond, lab results finally proved Cashe was right and the police were wrong. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab report revealed no controlled substances were identified, and the charges were dropped.

The police say they have no idea how the test went wrong, but they still say they did the right thing by arresting the man with drywall powder spilled in his car. They also admitted Cashe did not actually violate his curfew.

“There’s no intent, when something comes back positive, we take it; it’s our probable cause and that’s why we send to FDLE to confirm,” Lt. Heather Capetillo of the Oviedo Police Department told Fox35 Orlando.

Cashe wants an investigation into the incident, and also wants compensation for the 90 days of his life that were taken from him.

“I want some compensation for them. When I make a mistake, I’ve got to pay for it, that’s why I was on probation. It’s no different for them,” Cashe said.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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