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Focus on the Family has long been listed as a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Centre. As a long time proponent of anti LGBTQ legislature it comes as no surprise that Vice President Mike Pence has pledged this administration’s “unwavering support” to the anti -LGBTQ religious group.

As reported by Pink News:

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has named Focus on the Family as a hate group.The founder, Dr James Dobson, has led the ignorant views of Focus on the Family for a number of years.

In 2012, the evangelist blamed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on the growing acceptance of LGBT rights in the US.

He also claimed that being bisexual meant you only had orgies.

During President Obama’s first campaign for the presidency, Dobson accused him of “distorting the Bible” when Obama said that scripture should not guide public policy.

Despite the severe anti-LGBT views Focus on the Family pushes as a Christian organisation, Pence vowed that they would be supported by both himself and Trump.

This administration has stopped at nothing to alienate marginalized populations, making it harder, not easier in 2017 to be gay or a minority than in years passed.

Speaking at an event held by the group in Colorado, Pence congratulated them on 40 years of work and promised that they “have an unwavering ally in President Donald Trump”.

“He was excited that I was coming here today and wanted me to give you all his thanks and regards,” Pence added.

Pence called James Dobson a “friend and mentor” and said that the organisation was a “cornerstone of American life for so many Americans”.

As well as congratulating the group, Pence addressed the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches and non-profits from having a political bias.

The VP said that he believed “freedom of speech shouldn’t stop at the front doors of our churched and synagogues”.

The notoriously homophobic and anti-woman politician also spoke about repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Pence said: “President has stood without apology for the most vulnerable in our society, the aged, the infirmed, the disabled, and the unborn.”

He does not however, make the distinciton that trans youth, especially trans youth of color are pretty well the most vulnerable individuals in society- having the highest rates of suicide and murder associated to their demographic.

“When we repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re going to defund Planned Parenthood once and for all!
“Rest assured, the president and I will be fighting to protect the provisions in this bill that honor the sanctity of life,” he added.

If Obamacare is repealed then millions of lives will be put at risk across the country.

It is expected that the proposed budget cut would see HIV and AIDS funding lose $350 million.

Ironically, the Trump administration claims to be “fighting to protect” citizens by stripping them of the necessary health care they currently receive via Obamacare. Many individuals in need of coverage now are conveniently uninsurable due to the new “pre existing condition” guidelines under Trump.

Make no mistake, progress is not being made, and defending the most vulnerable is just a vieled attempt at justifying this administration’s misogynistic and homophobic agenda. Citing their “unwavering support” for a hateful organization the likes of Focus on the Family exposes their true intentions.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)


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