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Attorney John Morgan traveled to Tallahassee on Thursday to file a lawsuit against the State of Florida over the recent ban of smoking medical marijuana.

The state recently passed Amendment 2, which expanded the uses for medical marijuana in the state, but also banned smoking it.

The Orlando power lawyer seeks to strike down the medical marijuana smoking ban passed last month by Republican leaders in Tallahassee, reported Bay News 9.


Morgan, who is popularizing #NoSmokeIsAJoke, argues Republican lawmakers are disrespecting the will of the voters.

At a news conference in Tallahassee, Morgan targeted Rep. Ray Rodrigues, who took a leading role in drafting the smoking ban within the law. Morgan believes the doctors can make recommendations to their patients rather than politicians deciding how people should use their medication.

“For Ray Rodrigues to say he’s concerned about a cancer patient smoking a few hits of marijuana so that they can kill the nausea is ridiculous,” Morgan said. “If Ray Rodrigues is so concerned about smoking, then why doesn’t he tax cigarettes at $5 a pack?”

“Do we give a rat’s a** if a person who died from ALS smokes instead of vapes?” he said. “I don’t, and I trust the doctors to figure out what’s best for that client, best for that patient, not Ray Rodrigues.”

The ban’s supporters have their own arguments as they believe they are the best ones to choose how medication should be used by people they do not know. They claim there is no way to accurately measure dosages by smoking medical marijuana. Supporters also point out there are many ways to consume it legally, including vaping and eating the marijuana.

“What I have tried to do is make sure we do this in a way that honors the letter of the amendment, the spirit of the amendment,” Rodrigues said. “But also exists within the confines of federal law, which is a paradox because this is a Schedule 1 substance that is illegal.”

Morgan believes Rodrigues’ illogical argument will fail in court, and when it does, the very thing Republicans say they’re trying to prevent, could come to pass.

Should politicians choose how medication should be used by patients, or should it be the doctor that decides what is best for each patient?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)



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