3 White Supremacist Terrorists Who Planned To Bomb Blacks In Kansas Arrested By FBI – Anti Media News

Source: Urban Intellectuals

Three white men have been arrested by the FBI in Kansas after a plot was uncovered to murder a Black community of Somali Muslims.

Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, and Patrick Stein, 47, all part of a White supremacist militia group the “Crusaders.”, have apparently been under watch from an undercover FBI operation since February.

The FBI infiltrated the group with an informant and learned of plans for a reign of terror in Kansas’ Garden City. The group allegedly planned to detonate 4 car bombs and wake people up to hating muslim immigrants.

The bombs were aimed at immigrants working at Tyson’s Food beef slaughter facility who are mostly black Somali muslim immigrants.

They also planned a mosque bombing and city council and community meeting bombings.

The informant was said to have been part of a conference call where Curtis Allen said:


“We need to get some signs made up … hundreds of them, kind of like the redneck deal, ‘here’s your sign’ and just put right there on it: I SUPPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, I GO AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION ON A DAILY BASIS, I DO NOT HAVE ANY CARE FOR MY FELLOW CITIZENS IN THE STATE OR IN THE TOWN THAT I REPRESENT … and then for every one of them that we blow the top of their head off we just put that around their neck.”

Allen was the first arrested, earlier this week. They arrested him for a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend. They then put out a search of his home, found machine guns, a hand gun and a ton of ammo, literally a metric-ton! They then moved to his workplace, where another of the accused worked and found bomb components and a detonator. The three men were eventually arrested and charged.



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