During Heat Wave, Inmates at St. Louis Jail Without A/C Scream for Help – Anti Media News

As temperatures in St. Louis soar toward triple digits to go with ridiculously high humidity, the inmates at the Medium Security Prison are left without A/C.  We live in a country where air conditioning is a basic part of life, especially during extreme heat warning conditions. No one should be treated this way. Most of the inmates here have not even been convicted of a crime, they are just awaiting trial.

The facility, built in 1966, can house over 1,100 inmates, and has about 700 now. Only a few sections of the institution are air conditioned, meaning staffers routinely work in hot spaces. The inmates must rely on vented windows for air circulation, reported Fox2Now.

On Tuesday, reporter Elliott Davis recorded video from outside the building in which you can hear several inmates screaming for help. Davis was later told to leave the property.

Most of the inmates housed at the Medium Security Institution have not been convicted of a crime, they are simply accused of a crime and cannot afford the bail.

Davis talked with staffers and newly released inmates who described awful conditions in the prison.

Davis spoke with a woman visiting her grandson at the facility who said her grandson told her the temperature in the prisoner pods were 109 degrees. She also said the conditions inside the workhouse seemed inhumane.

From an air conditioned office, a spokesman for Mayor Lyda Krewson said staffers provide inmates with juice and ice several times a day to keep them cool.

Apparently giving them occasional juice and ice makes it OK in the eyes of the mayor’s office.

Davis requested a tour of the workhouse to inspect conditions within and possibly talk to inmates, but the request was denied.

No one should be treated this way, especially people not even convicted of a crime.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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