Anti-LGBTQ Court Clerk, Kim Davis, Cost Kentucky Taxpayers Over $200K – Anti Media News

An anti-LGBTQ clerk willfully violated people’s civil liberties, and now the taxpayers of Kentucky have to pay for her prejudice against the LGBTQ community.

A U.S. District Judge found the state of Kentucky liable for $224,703 in fees thanks to Rowan County Court Clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, reported civil rights and Department of Justice correspondent Dominic Holden on Friday

The state will be required to reimburse the plaintiffs $2008.08 in fees and to pay their attorneys’ fees of $222,695.


Holden noted that neither Davis herself nor Rowan County are being penalized in the ruling, but rather taxpayers who finance the state’s legal office and defense.

Holden also said Davis’ lawyers are engaging in “Olympic-level political spin” by trying to claim that this is a victory for Davis and validation of her decision to break the law in the name of her faith.

The ACLU released a statement commending the ruling, saying that it showed “”willful violations of individuals’ civil liberties” which will “not only be challenged” in court but “will also prove costly.”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


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