New Study Shows Young Black Men Serve the Longest Prison Sentences – Anti Media News

Criminal-justice “reform” has made some headlines in the past few years, but a recent study found that the average amount of time served behind bars rose by about five years from 2000 to 2014. Not surprisingly, the longest sentences are being given to black men.

The Urban Institute released its report Wednesday and used inmate data from 44 states. In 35 of the 44 states included in the study, black men accounted for the majority of the prison population serving the longest sentences, reported The Root.

“The key interesting finding—maybe not necessarily surprising to folks—is that time served and length of stay is growing and continues to grow, and importantly the people who are serving particularly long sentences, those prison terms are getting longer and longer,” said Ryan King, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and one of the study’s authors, to Newsweek.

Although some of the prisons somehow do not keep statistics on race and ethnicity, the institute discovered “significant racial disparities in prisons.”

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