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KRS-One is known for putting his views out there and now the respected word smith was given the chance to put his thoughts out there with CNN’s Gets Political. Of course he didn’t hold back and he put some big statements out there as you would expect from him. It’clear his isn’t a fan of the current presidential candidates and he had some harsh words for the police!

See the full transcript and video below:

Trayvon Martin was your cure for Cancer. Freddie Gray was about to come up with something for planes that when they crash, they never exploded and everybody lives. Had he had a chance to work himself out he might have come to this conclusion.

See there’s no order in the United States, so now there’s lawlessness.

When I came out with the 1985-86 there was a major crack cocaine epidemic in New York. It had just come from the West Coast California and was just starting to hit the East Coast. The Music that I would do it would speak to these issues, would speak to why are we living in these conditions, like no one has any power to life us from these conditions.

30 years later 2016, it’s the same way. In fact things have gotten worse because we have an African American president and it seems like racism in the United States is overflowing. This is the problem with the United States, there’s no leadership. A leader would say police brutality is an oxymoron. There are no brutal police. The minute you become brutal, you are no longer the police. So what we’re dealing with out here we’re not dealing with police, we’re dealing with a federally authorized gang.

All of these candidates are a joke. All of them are scripted and there’s a hidden hand behind them and we all know that all of them are managers of a situation, nobody’s really owning their situation. If you don’t really understand the economy of this country, you don’t understand the laws, yoe’re not an educated voter and this is what a lot of these candidates are actually banking on. They’re banking on the ignorance of American citizenry, which is what I see in these Democratic as well as Republican debates. There’s no realness to this, nobody is studying anybody, we’re just, somebody says KILL THE MEXICANS, YEAAAHHHHH! YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK, WOMEN SHOULD GET PAID MORE, YEAAAHHH! TAKE AWAY EVERYBODIES GUNS, YEEAAAHHHH! Nobody is thinking

So, if we’re not going to have a real discussion about the real state of America, leave me the f**k alone.


KRS-One also had more to say to the mainstream media outlet and this can be read here: http://cnn.it/1jpaC93


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