Watch: Cop Tells Harvey Rescuers To Leave

Image via The Free Thought Project

Volunteers who were actually helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Vidor, Texas were stopped by police, who were not helping people. James Hartwell posted the video on Facebook on Saturday, writing:

“So this just happened. Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green was just told that they have to leave vidor because they are not needed here.. but yet they are doing more than any off the law enforcement is doing here. This is the biggest crock of bullshit ive ever heard. Fuckin power trip. Helping people and get treated like that. Oh and as you can see he was a total ass hole.”

In the video, the officer yells at the rescuers, “Is this your vehicle?”

When Kirkendoll said that it was, the officer responded, “You guys need to come down here right now ”

To which Kirkendoll responded, “For what?”

Then the officer screamed, “Because I said so.”

“You don’t gotta be so grouchy?” Kirkendoll replied. “What do you need?”

“I want you to climb on down,” the officer demanded. “I want to look at your identification.”

Kirkendoll said his identification is in the truck, so the officer said angrily, “Come on down, come on down right now, or you’re not going to be leaving.”

After Kirkendoll climbed down and talked to the officer for a short time, then they shook hands and he climbed back up onto the truck.

“We’re just trying to help people,” Kirkendoll said as he climbed back onto the trailer. “We’re out a shitload of money and we came all the way down here just trying to help.”

The officer’s reply indicates there is clearly NOT enough help, “My house is flooded too, but I’ve got to be out here helping people. We appreciate that you’re here, but we’ve got enough.”


The Free Thought Project reported the group traveled 16 hours from Illinois to help victims. They were bringing supplies and water to those in need.

Despite warnings from this “asshole” cop, they intend to continue helping those in need, even if the police do not want the people to get help.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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