White Supremacist Preacher Promises ‘Bloodshed’ At Future Rallies

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Incitement to violence – Christian terrorism: Portland pastor promotes white supremacy, promises “bloodshed” at future right-wing rallies.

Pastor Allen Pucket, an extreme right-wing Christian and white supremacist located in Portland, Oregon, is preparing his followers for bloodshed and violence at future right-wing rallies, including the upcoming “Freedom March” and counter-protests scheduled for downtown Portland on Sept. 10.

Willamette Week reports that in a Facebook post on Monday Puckett wrote:

Any movement forward in the future will inevitably have bloodshed. Those not willing need to stop organizing and attending rallies.

(That post has now been deleted from Pucket’s Facebook page)

Pastor Puckett is an angry white supremacist who uses the Bible to justify his bigotry. For example, take a look at this August 5 Facebook Post:

Interracial marriages are against nature. The offspring are confused and left picking a side.

Cultures crumble, and heritage fades.

God segregated us at the tower of Babel and even today cultures naturally segregate themselves.

Think about it for a moment before you blurt out RACIST!

Save the family structure built on tradional (sic) biblical family heritage.

Pucket is a Portland based member of the Hell Shaking Street Preachers, and has a reputation for inciting violence at various protests.

Willamette Week reports Pastor Pucket recently posted a video where he seems to justify violence, declaring “God’s going to wipe them out one day anyway” while speaking about anti-fascist counter-protesters.

More from Willamette Week:

Pucket says that violence is inevitable.

“Peace has never been an option,” Pucket added to his post in a comment. “Too many niave (sic) people who need to wake up to the reality that the violent understand nothing but victory or defeat through violence.”

Indeed, in one Facebook post from earlier this month Pucket brags about assaulting counter-protesters:

Today was a Great day for Christianity in a liberal blue state. The fear of God was put into wicked as we marched through the city.

We captured a communist and a homo pride flag as spoils of a battle.

The wicked fled in terror as saints came marching in.

To God be the glory, and honor forever!

Bottom line: Pastor Pucket is a dangerous religious extremist – a white supremacist and a Christian terrorist advocating for violent conflict, and promising “bloodshed.”

White Supremacist Preacher Allen Pucket Promises ‘Bloodshed’ At Future Rallies (Image via Twitter)

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