Black Man Ran Over By Police After They Mistake Him for Suspect, Is Later Arrested While Real Suspect Gets Away

An unidentified police officer in Atlanta, Georgia is accused of intentionally running over a man he mistook for a suspect. The victim, Warren Hill was then arrested on an outstanding warrant but would not have been had the officers not stopped Hill by running him over. The officer involved in the incident is currently on administrative leave while an investigation is underway, but it begs the question- if the man was the suspect officers were looking for, would it have justified the officer’s actions?

As reported by Raw Story:

Warren Hill said the officer ran him over last week in a parking lot after mistaking him for a domestic violence suspect. Hill admitted that when he saw the police car, he tried to run.

“I was trying to get away from the cops and I was scared of the cops, so I ran,” Hill told WSB-TV. “So they thought I was the suspect and ran me down like a dog or an animal.”

Hill said police realized that he was not the suspect in question, but the officer still arrested him over an outstanding warrant for a broken taillight and failure to appear in court.

“Madness, heartless. I am a human being,” he told WSB-TV. He claimed he suffered various injuries from the incident.

Making matters worse, as police wasted their time on Hill, the real suspect got away.

What are your thoughts on the matter? If Hill was the suspect officers were looking for, does that excuse the officer running him over in pursuit of a fugitive? Or were the officer’s actions unwarranted and out of line, and if you believe so, what consequences should the officer face?

Watch the video below and hear what Hill had to say about his ordeal:

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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