Airlines Refuse Man With Dog Trying to Flee Hurricane Irma A Seat on the Plane, So He Chose To Ride Out The Storm

The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act was passed 2006. The bill was to accommodate pets and service animals in their plans for evacuating residents facing disasters that required FEMA assistance and was created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina because of the thousands of residents who refused to leave their animal companions in the eye of the storm.

“While about 1.2 million people escaped the city before Katrina made landfall and the levees broke, a full 100,000 people did not leave the city. Of those, 44 percent said that it was because they didn’t want to leave their animals, CNN reported.”

But even with the new bill passed, on Floridian fleeing Hurricane Irma was refused a seat on a plane when he tried to evacuate because he wanted to bring along his dog and has now chosen to stay in Florida and ride out the storm.

As reported by Raw Story:

One man camped out in line at the Miami airport for hours with his dog Mika. While he was willing to pay top-dollar to escape the area, they refused to let him on board without his dog being in a carrier. He said that he went to every pet store in the area searching for one, but they were all out.

“I’m heading back to Kendall [Florida],” he told CNN in an interview. “Just ride out the storm.”

He said he refused to leave Mika behind.

Only about 15,000 animals made it back to their owners after Katrina, while nearly 90,000 pets were never found. Some reports estimate as many as 600,000 animals died or were abandoned without shelter as a result of the storm.

Do you think the airline made the right choice? If you were in this man’s position would you leave your pet behind or would you risk your life as he did to be with your companion animal? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Article By Tasha Sharifa)

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