‘I hope nobody loses their lives’: Armed neo-Confederates Head To Richmond, Virginia To Defend A Monument

Richmond, Virginia could be a center of violence this weekend as neo-Confederates are gathering to defend one of their idols.

CSA II: The New Confederate States of America is planning an unpermitted “Heritage not Hate” rally to defend Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument following the deadly “Unite the Right” rally to defend Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee statue, reported Raw Story.

Of course the monument is not in any danger this weekend, so there is really no need to defend it from anything. So there is some other reason they are going, just like there was in Charlottesville.

“I hope nobody loses their lives tomorrow, on either side, I really do,” CSA II organizer and Three Percenter militia organizer Tara Brandau told WTVR. “That’s not why we are here.”

Brandau posted photos of her in a truck, flashing a Three Percenter gang-sign while showing off her sweet finger-less confederate flag gloves and mirrored cop-style sunglasses.

The back of the truck has a gun rack with at least 2 rifles, 1 with a scope for the people threatening their lives from hundreds of yards away.

Brandau told NBC 12 that she would be armed, as well as others. She says she did not personally encourage anyone to bring weapons though.

“We have not encouraged anybody to bring any weapons,” Brandau claimed. “The leaders of this will have some. The police officers know, but it’s so that our people are safe.”

After the white supremacist led violence in Charlottesville, CSAII’s official statement said they would continue to defend confederate monuments “at all cost.”

“We pride ourselves in honoring and protecting our Proud Confederate Heritage as well as our Confederate Monuments and Cemeteries to honor our past heros (sic) and not let their memory fade away as is being done by a lot of our government officials today,” the CSAII Commanding General wrote on Facebook. “CSA II® will continue to honor our heros (sic) memory by protecting our monuments to their memory at all cost and assisting our fellow members of the Heritage ~ Not Hate Movement to stop the oppressive tactics done by these above mentioned hate groups and government officials.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center explained the ignorance and selfishness behind their approach:

“The argument that the Confederate flag and other displays represent ‘heritage, not hate’ ignores the near-universal heritage of African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved by the millions in the South. It trivializes their pain, their history and their concerns about racism — whether it’s the racism of the past or that of today.”

Activists are preparing for counter protests against the armed group.


“If they cancel the CSA protest, there would be no counter-protest,” local activist Cullen Montgomery explained. “I’m concerned about my community, my friends, and neighbors. I saw horrific violence in Charlottesville, and I’m worried that we can’t count on the authorities to protect us.”

“You’re causing trouble in our city,” Richmonder Jessica Lawrence yelled at the group in front of WTVR cameras. “It’s only been one month since Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville. Have you no sensibility?”

“A woman was killed because people gathered behind that flag, behind that Lost Cause,” Lawrence noted. “You’re invested in mythology that promotes hate, your heritage is nothing but hate.”

“Get out of my city, get out of my city!” Lawrence shouted.

Watch the video below:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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