Pittsburg Cop Actually Fired And Arrested For Aggravated Sexual Battery and Official Misconduct

A former Pittsburg Police officer was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated sexual battery and official misconduct after what he did to a female suspect in custody.

Jessie Edward Loren Davis, 22, of Carthage, Missouri, turned himself in at the Crawford County Jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Davis inappropriately touched a female arrestee while serving as a police officer on August 26, reported The Morning Sun.

A release from the Pittsburg Police Department stated that PPD opened up an internal investigation on Davis, and he was immediately placed on administrative leave, and he was terminated a few days later. PPD also requested that CRSO conduct an investigation into possible criminal activity involving Davis and the complaint.

CRSO stated that Davis and another member of PPD responded to a domestic disturbance in Pittsburg, where a male and female were involved in an altercation.

The female was arrested and transported to the jail by Davis. According to investigators, the female said that during the transport, Davis asked her if she would show him her breasts and allow him to touch them.

The fearful woman lifted her shirt and was able to maneuver herself into a position that allowed Davis to reach through the patrol car’s partition into the back seat where he touched her breasts.

The woman told investigators that she only did it out of fear of what might happen if she refused the “request”.

Davis also allegedly told her that he would help her get out of the domestic abuse charge in exchange for the sexual favor.



The incident is still under investigation, but apparently there was sufficient evidence to fire him and arrest him. Which is of course very rare when dealing with police officers.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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