Eyewitness of Vegas Shooting Reported a Total of Seven Shooters

About a week ago, an eyewitness to the Las Vegas shooting claimed there were a confirmed 7 shooters present, in a unique statement to alternative media outlet Collective Evolution.

The article went viral and there was something positive that came of the tragic event when so many people started critically thinking about it and debating what happened.

According to the article:

We came across a post on Facebook from a girl named Rikki Raulerson who was in Las Vegas the night of the shooting. We got in contact with her via Facebook and spoke to her about the post she had made in order to find out more specific details.

Her story was quite intriguing to us as she is essentially saying that what she saw and heard happening on that night, including what local news was initially saying, completely changed as the night went on. Very key and important details dramatically shifted in the mainstream media that left her questioning what was really going on. She wanted to know the truth of what she experienced that night and began to explore.

Her full post is written below, but based on that post we asked Rikki some key questions to gain further clarity.

When we asked her about what exactly police officers told her when she had asked what was going on she told us: The security guard at the Cosmopolitan exact words were “I know about as much as you do. I have heard 7 confirmed shooters at multiple hotels including the Bellagio.” I do not have any idea how he knew this info, but this is the time they were locking down the hotel. There were a few metro police officers alongside security guards outside our hotel Vdara, and as they were checking our credentials we asked are there really multiple shooters, what’s going on? And the police officer confirmed yes multiple shooters at multiple hotels including Aria next door. He did not say 7 however he just said multiple. I assume he heard this over the radio, bc he was a metro officer.

On one hand, we know that events like this are abused to the very maximum by the state and its media to put fear into people and push the agenda, but sometimes, an event like this has an unexpected positive effect on all of us. In some cases, a discussion is started that actually wakes up a lot of people and encourages them to investigate further.

There is no shame in taking the time to fully reason through the official narrative of any story. There is nothing wrong with questioning if something is a false flag or not, and it doesn’t necessarily disrespect real people who were hurt.

There is nothing disrespectful about investigating every allegation made by the media about every event, and sometimes, people who reason through everything can pick up on things not adding up about a story in the media.

Career school safety expert and highly credentialed man Wolfgang Halbig was one of those people who found the official story of Sandy Hook did not add up.

His job was to ensure that school shootings did not happen: so he was tasked with helping another school avoid such a tragedy after Sandy Hook, and upon investigating Sandy Hook for his job, he found it didn’t make any sense.

This documentary about the findings of Wolfgang Halbig are essential to understanding any mass shooting.

In conclusion, it could either be beneficial or not beneficial for people to spend time thinking about events like the Las Vegas shooting. It’s difficult to describe how it effects people in different ways to be blasted with this.

We should probably think carefully about what we are doing with our thoughts and time.

Do we want to spend time devoting our emotions to people who died in Vegas and ignore the thousands killed in Iraq by the US government in the past few years? We don’t want to seem heartless, we should probably care about all innocent people everywhere, but where are we allowing our attention to be drawn to?

Events like this are like an inescapable vacuum of focus and energy. Though it might provoke a discussion or even awakening, somehow it just feels toxic to spend so much energy thinking about one event.

From: Anon Group

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