New Philadelphia DA Is Civil Rights Lawyer Who Sued Police Over 75 Times

Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner decided to run for Philadelphia District Attorney, “because there’s stuff going on on the inside that is hard to fix from the outside.”

Krasner is hopeful that he will be able to make a change for the better and bring equality to the criminal justice system, including holding police accountable for their criminal actions.

The new 56-year-old top prosecutor in Philly, who has sued the police department over 75 times for civil rights violations, has had a 30 year career defending activist groups like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Philadelphia.


The Democrat’s campaign highlighted inequities in the criminal justice system, and was strongly opposed by the police union, who does not  want to see police held accountable for crimes, especially civil rights violations.

Krasner defeated Republican career prosecutor Beth Grossman, who says she switched parties several years ago because Democrats have a corrupt stranglehold on the city.

Democratic former District Attorney Seth Williams resigned in June after admitting taking a bribe, and he is currently serving 5 years in jail.

Krasner says police commissioners have long needed a district attorney who’ll back them when they try to fire a bad officer rather than always siding with the police union.


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