Father Chops off Hands of 17 Yr Old Who Raped His Baby after He is Set Free

Source: Anonymousfeed

The father of a 7 month old child is reporting that he was left with no other option but to take action, and to take up revenge against a 17 year old boy who had the audacity to rape his baby daughter.

The court refused to convict the almost-legal-adult, citing a lack of evidence: but some people seem to believe that shouldn’t stop a man, unless he is completely and totally subservient to the state and afraid of the consequences of what he knows he should do.

The Indian man decided to tie the teenager to a tree and chop his hands clean off, as reported by the New York Post, after the courts refused to convict him of the more serious charges that are associated with his crime.

“In court, the father said he was willing to forgive the teen and accept cash as compensation — even offering to drive the perv home to Kotli Ablu, a village in Punjab where they both live, the Mirror of the UK reported.

But halfway through the trip, the father stopped the bike, tied the rapist to a tree, and hacked off his mitts with a machete.

“The father then fled, leaving the teen screaming for help before being found by locals.”

The Daily Mirror reports that while court proceedings occurred, “the father reportedly indicated that he was prepared to forgive the teenager and accept a compensation deal to limit his punishment.”

Then, the teenage assailant was set free, and the father even apparently offered to drive him home. It was a smart move.

“Halfway through the journey, the father apparently stopped the bike and attacked the teenager, tying him to a tree before chopping off his hands with a machete,” the Mirror says.

The teen was taken to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

While it can’t be that healthy to celebrate people getting their hands chopped off and such, one has to respect this type of thing to a certain extent, because governments from the US to India do everything they can to stifle the culture of self defense and make people feel like they need the state.

In some countries, self defense is completely criminalized, and people can’t own guns, tasers, mace, nothing. According to an article from the Mind Unleashedtitled “Police Want Semi Autos: Disarmed Citizens Can’t Use Pepper Spray, Tasers, Crossbows”:

“It is a dangerous dynamic in society when a ruling class is heavily armed, and the citizen class is heavily disarmed.

No matter how apparently civil the government is, at their will they can pass laws that infringe upon the most basic rights. They can force almost anything on a disarmed people with heavily armed police and military.

In Australia, the power differential between citizens and the government is getting severe.

People there are not allowed to own guns for self defense, and are barely granted licenses to hunt with them. They aren’t allowed to own pepper spray, tasers, or even crossbows (without a license, for crossbows).

Research it. You’ll find headlines like this one, “I faced a 14-year jail sentence for carrying pepper spray.”

Shooting incidents such as the Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 and the more recent 2015 Parramatta shooting and 2014 Sydney hostage crisis have been abused by the state and their media to justify disarming citizens, while heavily arming the police.”

So the Australian police want semi automatic guns, and no one can protect themselves with even a crossbow? Sounds legit.

For more info about our right to self defense and the very principle of the sacred masculine that it essentially is, watch this.

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