Alabama Cops Under Fire For Pulling Clothes Off Waffle House Customer During Arrest Over Plastic Utensils

“What are you doing?” Clemons asks.

“I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do,” an officer responds.

She was ultimately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  Clems was released on $1000 bond Sunday morning.

Watch the censored video below via

The altercation started with an employee refusing to give free plastic utensils for the customer’s meal.

When Clemons and Adams told the employee that they had not been charged for utensils when they purchased food from the same Waffle House the night before, the employee canceled the order, according to Clemons.

Clemons then asked for the contact information of the Waffle House district manager who oversees the Saraland location. While Clemons was waiting for the information, the employee instead decided to call police.

“They didn’t even ask her to leave, she was waiting for them to give her the district manager’s card so she could file a complaint on one of the waitresses,” Clemons-Howard, Clemon’s mother said. “When they went to go get the card, that’s when the police showed up. The officer should’ve come in and said we need you to leave.”

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