Alabama Sheriff Took Over $750,000 From Inmate’s Food Budget, Then Bought A Beach House

“In regards to feeding of inmates, we utilize a registered dietitian to ensure adequate meals are provided daily,” Entrekin told in an email. “As you should be aware, Alabama law is clear as to my personal financial responsibilities in the feeding of inmates. Regardless of one’s opinion of this statute, until the legislature acts otherwise, the Sheriff must follow the current law.”

Despite the sheriff’s claims, inmates have complained of going without meals, reported

Entrekin’s annual salary is $93,178.80, but Entrekin was able to purchase a four-bedroom beach house for $740,000. That is of course in addition to his house in Orange Beach worth around $200,000

Entrekin has competition for the sheriff position this year. Rainbow City Police Chief Jonathon Horton is running against the current sheriff, and has has pledged not to pocket any excess money from the inmate-feeding funds.

“I believe the funds belong to the taxpayers and any excess funds should go toward things that benefit the taxpayer,” Horton told “There’s been a tremendous amount of money left over that shouldn’t be used as a bonus check.”

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