Texas Cops Kill Innocent 84-Year-Old Woman While Trying To Kill Her Mentally Ill Son

When SWAT eventually stormed the building, they realized both people were wearing red shirts.

According to My San Antonio, the standoff started approximately 7 p.m. on March 6, when deputies tried to serve Macias with a mental health warrant and to do a welfare check on Huron-Macias, who lived with him.

Macias refused to let them into his house, and reportedly opened fire when they forced their way in through the back door.

The standoff lasted about 25 hours before Macias was captured and taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries before he was taken to Bexar County Jail.

During the standoff, bullet fragments hit 2 Bexar County SWAT officers in their faces and upper bodies. A bullet also hit a ballistic shield that another deputy had been carrying.

Macias faces 3 counts of attempted capital murder of a police officer.



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