Video: New Jersey Cop Punched Handcuffed Suspect In The Head, Then Falsified Records To Cover It Up

“I’m gonna break it,” the man yells. “… Why you gotta lie?”

After a few kicks, Ritter stops the car, opens the door, grabs the cuffed man and hits him in the head, then falsely accuses the man so the other officer will support the abuse.

“Stop kicking. Stop stressing. Stop kicking me in the balls,” the officer says, even though the video shows no “ball” kicks.

“Put me in a different car,” the man yells to the officer that did not assault him. “Yo, this guy just punched me in my face.”

“This a–hole just kicked me in the nuts,” Ritter claims.

“He’s lying! I swear to God, he’s lying! He punched me in my face!” the man responds.

Ritter then wrestles the man out of his car and hands him off to another officer.

Ritter is charged with assault, tampering with public records, as well as falsifying and tampering with records.

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