Wichita Cops Caught Tampering With Man’s Home Security Camera

“When they moved that camera, I couldn’t see who they were. So had I opened the door and there was a weapon in my hand then it would’ve been a confrontation between me and the officers,” Prouse told KAKE.

“I’ve never had a complaint on me, nobody in my family that I know of. So, I don’t understand where that come from,” Prouse said.

Wichita police told Prouse that the officer feared an ambush and that is why he tampered with the home security device.

The police chief feeds this apparent paranoia by letting his officers do whatever they want in the name of their own safety while disregarding the safety of those they are supposed to be protecting.

“When an officer can articulate safety concerns, I am supportive of their decision,” WPD Chief Gordon Ramsay said.

Prouse is not happy with that excuse. “That’s my security. That’s what helps me sleep at night, and if you take that away from me like they did then it’s a fearful world,” he said. “If I can’t feel safe in my own home then where are you going to feel safe at?”

Criminal defense attorney Charles O’Hara says the officer was wrong to tamper with the home security camera.

“For an officer to think that it’s okay for him to turn the camera away or hide the camera I think it’s inexcusable,” O’Hara said. “I think most policeman would not turn a camera, and I’m surprised that that happened.”

Police say they were at the residence looking for Brandon Prouse after receiving an anonymous tip about a domestic disturbance.

A police spokesman said the department is investigating the incident and body camera video may provide more information.

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