Georgia Cop Fired For Intentionally Hitting Man With Cruiser Is Hired By Another PD

“I have known [Saulters] since he was a baby and I know he will be a great asset to our county,” he said. “As a citizen of Oglethorpe County you will find the wisdom of this decision in getting a deputy of this caliber.” Gabriel was a friend and coworker of Saulter’s father, Jerry Saulters, an Athens-Clarke County police captain.

Patton was spotted by Saulters and officer Hunter Blackmon during their patrol route. Blackmon gave chase on foot while Saulters ran the suspect down in his patrol car.  Body camera footage shows Saulters intentionally swerving to run into Patmon from behind.

Patmon was taken to the hospital and treated before being taken to Clarke County Jail and charged with obstruction of law enforcement and violation of probation.

The Georgia State Patrol and Georgia Bureau of Investigation are expected to conduct their own investigations into the incident.

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