Wife Says Innocent, Unarmed Husband Was Tased And Fatally Shot By Madison County Deputy As He Laid On The Ground

“They told him to stop and he didn’t know who it was because they didn’t have any blue lights on so he kept walking to get his staff,” she said.

Because he did not obey commands from an unidentified person, the deputy decided to tase him.

“He fell and hit the ground and that’s when I jumped out of the truck because I heard him holler,” she said.

She said the deputy shot her unarmed husband as he laid on the ground, trying to recover from being needlessly tased.

“He flipped over into the grass and that’s when the cop seen him move and shot him in the side of his stomach. And the cop shot him in his solar flex and shot him in the other side of his stomach,” added Amanda.

Michael was dead before the fire department was able to respond to the scene.

MS News Now reported the Madison County Sheriff’s Department would not release any additional information.

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