Montgomery County Cop Fatally Shot Unarmed Man In Silver Spring

On Tuesday evening, dozens gathered in downtown Silver Spring to protest the shooting and to demand the release of the police body camera footage, which has not yet been released.

The Post reported the officer pepper sprayed White, who then walked away as Badgujar called for backup and went to his cruiser to turn off the ignition.

Montgomery police said in a statement, “At this point White began approaching the officer and as he got closer, began running at the officer,” the statement continues, saying the “officer backpedaled, and White knocked him down as the officer discharged his weapon.”

White fell down after being shot, but police say the man got back up and “continued to assault the officer,” so Badgujar fired additional rounds.

White was shot multiple times, and was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

Despite the alleged combative behavior that apparently justified homicide to the officer, Badgujar was not injured.

Badgujar has been placed on administrative leave.



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