‘We’ll make some s*** up’: Ohio Cop Fired After Detaining, Threatening To Arrest Daughter’s Boyfriend

Gloria Morales, the mother of 2 teens that were in the car went outside to talk to the officer who was harassing the teens.  Kovach asks her if his daughter is in her house, and she says no. He then threatens to arrest her if his daughter actually is in the house…even though she is in the back seat of the car.

Morales tells him he has to get a search warrant if he wants to search her home, so Kovach threatened to give her daughter a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, even though she says she was wearing it. Kovach then tries to intimidate Morales by telling her she is being disorderly.

“How am I being disorderly? You’re making this personal,” Morales says.”You want to ticket my daughter for not wearing her seatbelt because you think your daughter is in my house.”

Morales is not happy with Kovach harassing and threatening her daughter, so she threatens to call 911 to report the officer. The officer then says he will arrest her if she calls 911.

Kovach allegedly showed up outside the Morales home because he tracked her computer there after being concerned about he being suicidal. He waited at the house and pulled over Coleman’s car as soon as he saw it.

Kovach later told officers he didn’t think Coleman was a good person and that his daughter had been staying with him against his wishes, the paper reports.

The officer finally realizes his daughter was in the back seat, so he orders his 18-year-old daughter out of the car and into the police cruiser without giving her any legitimate reason why she is being detained or taken away.

“Why are you pushing me? Why are you doing this?” she screamed in the video.

Kovach then let everyone else go except his daughter. He drove away with her locked in the back seat.

According to CBS, the investigation found that Kovach violated the department’s policies by initiating the traffic stop without cause and failing to inform dispatch; for threatening to arrest Morales; for taking Coleman into custody and saying he would make up cause; and for using his police authority to locate his daughter.

The police union is reportedly appealing the decision to fire Kovach, saying the city violated his contractual rights by firing him.

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