Montgomery Police Are Not Releasing Video Of Officer Fatally Shooting An Unarmed Man

According to police, the June 11 shooting started when Badgujar approached White. White charged and attempted to hit Badgujar, but missed. Badgujar then attempt to pepper spray White, but he missed.

The Sentinel reported, “White then walked away, while Badgujar went to his police cruiser to turn off the ignition. According to police, White then turned and ran toward the officer, who backpedaled away. White apparently then knocked Badgujar down, whereupon Badgujar fired his gun at White, who then fell, got up again, and continued to strike Badgujar while the officer was lying on the ground. Badgujar then fired off several more shots, killing White. Manger said the confrontation between White and Badgujar lasted about two minutes.”

Pastor Christopher Zacharias said White had struggled with mental health issues.

“He did have some mental challenges, which was being taken care of not only through counseling but also through medication,” Zaacharias said.

In 2015 a court found “good cause to believe the defendant may be incompetent to stand trial” on a misdemeanor trespassing case after an examination by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Activists are also questioning what training police officers receive to deal with people who have mental illnesses.

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