Arkansas Cop Fired After Telling Group of Black Men, “You Don’t Belong in My City”

“The reason I walked up (to him) recording is I could kind of feel — I had a gut feeling — that there was going to be a bad vibe from the way he followed us everywhere we went.”

In the video Bunch and his cousin introduce themselves to Moore, and mention they noticed the officer was following them.

Moore replied, “You’re recording right now? You know why? You don’t belong in my city.”

“We from here.”

“But you understand. I know who my people are, right? Who belongs here and who doesn’t? We’ve got gang wars going on and all kinds of stuff. And I come from the big city. But this stuff is small, OK? So that’s cool. Do your thing.”

“You say we don’t belong in your city though?”

“Can I say something?”


“OK … I have never seen you here before and I know almost everybody here.”

“Man I grew up in 101. I graduated from England High.”

“Well good for you. My name is Mike Moore. OK? I’m not from here.”

Watch the video below via KATV:

Pastor David Drayer of Word of Faith Christian Church in England talked to KATV about the video.

“The guy that he was harassing, I know the fella,” says Pastor Drayer. “He grew up here all his life. And he’s saying this is my town and get out of my city. It’s not his city, you know. He come in already, you know, with the wrong kind of attitude. Because where there is unity there is strength, and that is the last thing we need.”

Chief Powell says, “England is a friendly town and anyone that wants to come here is welcome here.”


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