Vineland, NJ Cops Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man, Let K9 Maul His Face As He Died

“They telling him to calm down or whatever, he said, ‘No, I’m not leaving here, y’all going to have to kill me,’” said Pagan.

Pagan was surprised that Washington was killed by police because he was unarmed and only had a bottle of water.

Pagan and other neighbors are especially concerned with the insane thing the officer yelled as he killed Washington.

“The cop yelled ‘bomb, a bomb, a bomb’ and he shot him three times,” said Pagan. “Where the bomb comes from? Ain’t no bomb. You think if there would’ve been a bomb this whole block would’ve been evacuated!”

You can watch video of the incident below:

Vineland police were previously caught on video in 2015 allowing a police dog to maul Philip White as he laid on the ground. White died while being transported to the hospital, and police told their victim’s mother that he died of a heart attack. No officers were charged even though there was video of the horrific incident.

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