“We’re Gonna Kill All of You” Woman Gets Fired After Threatening Muslim Women

“Horab & Wentz does not agree with or support the statements expressed by Amber Hensley in the recently posted video,” the company told BuzzFeed. “She does not reflect the views of Horab & Wentz.”

Hensley seemed extra apologetic for her bigotry just about the same time she was fired.  She told local TV station KVRR she was sorry for her behavior.

While saying she was sorry, she still tried to push part of the blame for her actions onto the Muslim women.

“It was not a Christian-like thing to do at all and wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can’t. I am terribly sorry. I just wish that the whole video could be shown,” she said.

She claimed, “[The victims] had parked way too close to my car and I couldn’t get in; when I asked her to move she refused. I asked her again, and she swore at me, calling me a fat bitch; to that, I informed her that I was a Christian and asked her if she knew who Jesus was. She said fuck Jesus and I lost it! But there are absolutely no excuses. I am in tears with regret and will take any form of punishment deemed fit..”

According to BuzzFeed, the Somali women, who truly have the patience and integrity of saints, were quick to forgive Hensley, touting their own religious beliefs.

“We forgive her,” Sarah Hassan said. “She had a bad idea about Islam and about Muslims. We sat down with her and discussed Islam. … Islam is about forgiveness and we want to show that to people.

“She has a good heart, she’s a good person inside, and we don’t want anyone to judge her,” Hassan added.

According to Fargo police, everyone involved in the incident met at the department and have since reconciled.

“With an openness to reconciliation, these women have come together and talked through this incident and expressed their sincere regrets, apologies and most importantly — forgiveness to each other,” Fargo Police Chief David Todd said in a Facebook post. “This process has also allowed them to gain understanding and respect for each other.”

“Not everything is perfect in this resolution. We have some ugliness in our community that needs to be addressed and worked on. Social media shows us that… However, perhaps we can all take a lesson from what was an ugly unfortunate interaction and how even despite words being said that cannot be taken back, forgiveness and understanding can still be achieved.”

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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