Neighbors Furious After Video Shows Cops Take Laughing Selfie in Front of a Burning Home – Anti Media News

“The contents of this video are very concerning to the department and are currently under investigation,” the Nassau County Police Department said in a statement to NBC 4 New York. “If these officers are found to be in violation of any department rules and regulations, they will be appropriately disciplined.”

Again, posing for a selfie in front of a fire is something that a lot of people would have done. However, doing it in uniform while laughing is the type of unprofessional behavior that is causing so much of the divide in America today.

This family was experiencing a tragedy and all the cops thought to do at that time was exploit it for a selfie.


Oddly enough, police taking tasteless selfies at the expense of victims is not that uncommon. In September of 2014, a police officer was captured on camera taking a selfie as a man leaped to his behind him. 

Two Kansas City cops were the subject of an internal investigation after they were photographed posing for photos in front of a stop sign that read, “Cops Stop Murder’n.” This selfie was particularly tasteless as it mocked all victims of police murder.

In November, illustrating the sick nature of some police officers, a photo surfaced of a cop posing with a woman’s son who died in his home. The man’s mother has since come forward to demand answers as to why this sicko felt it necessary to degrade her poor son in such a disgusting manner.

(Article From The Free Thought Project)

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