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Photo Credit: Yahoo News

During a senate meeting on Wednesday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders found an ingenious way to hold the president-elect accountable. According to Yahoo News, Sanders took the floor accompanied by an oversized picture of a tweet posted by Donald Trump on May 7, 2015.

The tweet said, “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me”.

Sanders has turned up the heat on health care and is taking the opportunity to remind the Senate as well as the American people of the many promises made by Trump during the election. While we are inevitably faced with Trump in office for the next four years, Bernie’s brave move on the Senate floor is the type of action to help put those promises into action.

Yahoo News also revealed Sander’s move even inspired a laugh by one of Trump’s opponents in the primaries, Ted Cruz.

Sander’s message came just hours after the upcoming Vice President, Mike Pence announced that one of the top priorities of the new administration was to overturn the Affordable Care Act within the first days in office (Yahoo News). While the administration has spoken about replacing the plan, many are worried about what this replacement might look like. More are concerned that while this plan will allegedly unfold during the first days of administration, that no concrete plans have been revealed. What reason would Trump have to hide these plans? Unless, the reason no specifics have been announced is because there is no plan.

Bernie was not the only one on Wednesday to stand up against the upcoming administration. CNN reported that president Obama sent out a message on Wednesday telling Democrats, ‘don’t rescue Republicans on ‘Trumpcare,’ a name Obama has begun using when referring to healthcare under the Trump administration.

Sander’s remarks have created a new movement on Twitter working to hold the Trump administration accountable in health care. #MakeAmericaSickAgain is a popular hashtag floating around Twitter after Wednesday’s events. He also reiterated his message to reporters, citing the tweet used during the senate meeting. If Bernie made one thing clear, it’s that the discussion on health care is not over.

Beyond the message sent during the senate meeting, Sanders has also sent out a storm of tweets today, one of which strongly criticized Trump for throwing out the current system before having a new plan in place. In another tweet, Sander’s compared repealing the plan without a new one in place to the death penalty.

It is likely that Sanders will revisit the topic of healthcare during his live televised town hall meeting next week. CNN announced Wednesday they will be hosting the event, which is scheduled take place during prime time television. The meeting will be available to watch on the regular CNN channel in addition to being available to stream online. During this event, Sanders will be interviewed and given the opportunity to once again send his message to the American public.

While it is unlikely that we will be granted with the universal healthcare system that Bernie Sander’s had in mind, his continued fight throughout the revolution may be what it takes to hold the Trump administration accountable.

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