Mass Protests Erupt During Trump Inauguration Day 1/20/17 – Anti Media News

SkyNews Screenshot Janurary 20th, 2017

*Breaking News*

Trump protestors are out in force in Washington D.C. and other cities around the world today, including San Francisco and London.

There are reports of smashed cars and overturned newspaper boxes in the streets of D.C. as police attempt to keep protestors away from the inauguration day parade route.

The following video feeds are currently live:

Find Out News – Rioting Live Streams Anti-Trump Protest March Riot Washington DC 8am 1/20/2017


RBC Network Broadcasting – LIVE: Anti-Trump Protest in Washington D.C. – Inauguration Day 2017 – 1/20/2017


Live Stream News – Protests at Donald Trump Inauguration Parade Route Washington DC RIOTS PROTESTERS Trump Inauguration


Ruptly TV – LIVE: Protest against Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C


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