White Trump Supporting Students Taunt Black Basketball Players During Game – Anti Media News

A group of about 60 students thought it would be a good idea to taunt athletes because of their race.

Daily Mail reported 60 students at a Connellsville, Pennsylvania, high school decided to dress up for “Hick Night” and shout taunts at black basketball players during a game.

The Connellsville racists chanted things like “Build that wall!” and “Get them out of here!” evoking comparisons to Donald Trump, with one student even holding a Trump campaign sign. The students wore camouflage, baseball caps and flannel shirts with the sleeves cut off.

Tosha Walton, whose son William Deshields plays on the Uniontown team, said: “It’s bringing us to tears to see the hatred. Things should not have gone this way at this game. I have never seen so many racist and hate-fueled comments, and its breaking my heart.”

David McDonald, assistant superintendent for the Connellsville school district,  said that the school has apologized to Uniontown and that as soon as the athletic director was notified of what was going on, he stopped their racist behavior “within two or three seconds.”

He spoke with the group of about 60 students, who were described as “wide-eyed” and “embarrassed” when informed of how their actions were perceived.

Uniontown parents say the harrassment continued until halftime, though the athletic director claims it stopped immediately.

One concerned parent wrote to the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League Director Tim O’Malley, “It’s hurtful. These young children are going to be the future generation, and they’re going to leave high school and go into the real world and have a say.”

 (Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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