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Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who was removed from office earlier this month, faces at least 13 charges after having businesses donate to a fraudulent Foundation in exchange for political favors.

She also shared highly classified State secrets with a female aide with whom she had an intimate relationship. Police arrested her before she could destroy or tamper with the evidence, according to Reuters.

By using propaganda, she fooled the people of South Korea into believing she was a champion of progress and human values. When they uncovered the truth, however, millions of people took the streets and demanded she step down and be arrested.

Because the people stood together and were unwaivering in their realistic demands for the sake of the people of the country, those things happened.


CNN reported “The suspect abused the mighty power and position as President to take bribes from companies and infringed upon the freedom of corporate management and leaked important confidential official information,” said the statement from the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

It was also reported that she was involved in occult activity or rituals during which she believed entities were taking “complete control” of “her body and mind.”

The Seoul Central District Court gave prosecutors permission to proceed with the arrest now that she has been impeached.

Despite her crimes against people, some of her die hard supporters (mostly elderly people who may not have been aware of the news) were still calling her “president.”

They tried to block the convoy of cars so that she couldn’t be taken to jail. Police pushed those people aside and continued with the arrest.

She is expected to be charged with several counts of bribery and abuses of power. Just one bribery conviction can result in life imprisonment in some cases.

Park Geun-hye was reportedly taking millions in “donations” from businesses, though the businesses said they felt forced to give it to her.

She was South Korea’s first female president and also the first president to be impeached and locked up with the possibility of life imprisonment.

South Korean police are being hailed as heroes for doing the right thing. They wasted no time arresting her, as they feared she would try to destroy the evidence.

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(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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