Donald Trump Endorses Internet Bullying and Incites Violence Against Women by Sharing GIF of Himself Hitting Hillary Clinton With a Golf Ball

First Lady Melania Trump has made it her mission to stamp out bullying on the internet. There is, however, one person who is apparently exempt from her anti-bullying endeavor- President Trump.

On September 14th, the President shared “a GIF of himself striking Hillary Clinton in the back on Twitter”. The image is telling of the President’s character, not only is he childish, his misogyny shines through as he clearly finds the idea of inflicting pain on women to be humorous.  The President is accused by many on the twittershpere of inciting violence by sharing the tweet.

As reported by Pink News:

The US President retweeted the picture which shows him swinging a golf club and apparently hitting Clinton in the back with the ball.

A follower of Trump combined the footage of Trump on a golf course and Clinton tripping and falling while boarding a plane in 2011 and edited it do look like a gold ball caused the fall.
The original tweet is captioned “Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary”.
While it is true that tweets don’t always equate to endorsements when the tweet comes from the account of the President of the United States it understandably causes outrage.
Many have condemned Trump for condoning abuse and hate against women by sharing the GIF.
One wrote: “Grow up! This is not the type of tweets the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES should be sharing…
“Worse yet, YOU WON! Stop grinding it in like a child! Give the poor lady a break.”
Somebody else added: “How is retweeting this Presidential? Isn’t @FLOTUS supposed to be stopping bullying? 3 more years. Can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.”
“Stop acting like a child,” a third wrote.

Tweets inciting violence seem to be a trend for the president, as last month he retweeted a cartoon train running over a person with a CNN logo for a head.
The retweet came just days after Heather Heyer was killed when a man drove into a group of counter-protesters at Charlottesville.
He has also previously incited violence against counter protestors during his campaign, as well as against women when he was recorded bragging about grabbing female genitalia in 2005.
These tweets cannot be taken as lightly as his supporters are saying they should be.
Former press secretary Sean Spicer said that the tweets should be “considered as official statements”.
Trump also said that when he retweets he does it “for a reason”.

Violence against women is never a laughing matter, but the President seems to think that it is. If the president is free to mock and bully his naysayers with online, what is stopping the everyday American from doing the same, and doesn’t it fly in the face of The First Lady’s mission to end online bullying?

What are your thoughts about the tweet shared by the President? Do you believe that his actions reflect behavior becoming of a president, and do you think some just took the retweet too seriously? What could be the repercussions of a president sharing such an image?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)

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