‘I’m not going to stop the n-word’: Tech CEO Insults Employees, Threatens And Assaults Women

A lawsuit claims Silicon Valley CEO Gurbaksh Chahal habitually used racial slurs when speaking to subordinates, physically attacked two women and fired a male employee who attempted to prevent him from hitting a third woman.

Chahal is the subject of a lawsuit which alleges that he called workers his “n**gers” and took out his violent rages on employees. Two other pending lawsuits against Chahal accuse him of misleading investors, hiring women based on their looks and making death threats against one employee of his multiple tech companies, reported The Daily Beast.

In 2013, Chahal briefly stepped down as CEO of his ad tech company RadiumOne after a viciously attacking his girlfriend, according to David Ferguson of Raw Story.

Police examined surveillance video and determined that during the attack, Chahal punched and kicked the woman he was dating 117 times. He then tried to smother her with a pillow for 20 seconds. Court records show that microphones caught Chahal threatening the woman, “I’m going to kill you” 4 times as he beat her, Ferguson reported.

The rich man resumed his position at RadiumOne after the judge dropped the myriad of felony counts against him because he strangely decided the video was inadmissible as evidence.

Its amazing how judges always seem to side with rich people.

The RadiumOne board decided they didn’t want Chahal around, even though the judge let the vicious abuser walk free.

But Chahal formed a new company called Gravity4 and has continued to lead new business ventures including trying to raise $100 billion to start a new Bitcoin-like crypto-currency, the Daily Beast noted.

Gravity4 chief of staff Ali Al-Ansari filed a new suit alleging that Chahal is shockingly sexist, detailing a series of remarks he made against women’s rights and equal pay for men and women.

Ferguson noted that other pending lawsuits accuse Chahal of forcing women to drink alcohol, attacking another girlfriend and then pressuring an employee to help him evade charges, as well as asking male coworkers if women job applicants’ breasts were attractive enough to hire.

Al-Ansari claims Chahal told him he wanted to further harm the two women he’d attacked because they were trying to “ruin his life.”

The final straw for Al-Ansari came in a Miami apartment when Chahal attempted to attack a woman and Al-Ansari physically prevented the assault.

According to the lawsuit, “Al-Ansari was forced to interpose himself between the woman and Chahal and physically intervened to defend this woman to block Chahal from hitting her. Chahal nonetheless managed to hit this woman. Al-Ansari repeatedly told Chahal ‘don’t touch her!’”

When Al-Ansari took out his phone and began to record the altercation, Chahal reportedly fired him on the spot. Chahal reportedly tried to illegally access Al-Ansari’s personal laptop and destroy incriminating data.

Chahal was racist and open about his contempt for black people, the lawsuit says. He used the “N-word” frequently and was resentful and defiant when called out about it.

“I’m not going to stop the n-word,” Chahal said in a discussion transcribed in the suit. “Dude, do you want me to go ahead and say n**ger, n**ger, n**ger? I don’t give a fuck. Martin Luther King might not like that, but he’s a n**ger, too.”

Hopefully this rich CEO will finally pay for his multitude of crimes, but realistically, he will likely buy his way out of trouble again.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)

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