Alabama Police K9 Mauls Man To Death

“They knew him. He’d be over there every day,” Pettaway-Frazier said.

Less than a day after Pettaway was killed, the Cresta Circle home burned in a house fire described by fire officials as a “total loss.”

Montgomery Fire/Rescue Lt. Jason Cupps said they believe it was arson and an investigation is ongoing.

Police investigators said the fire started after they were done collecting information at the scene.

“My agents had completed the scene processing well before the fire occurred,” SBI Capt. Joe Herman said. “In no way did the fire have any affect on our ongoing investigation.”

Alabama’s State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death in a use-of-force investigation.

The dog’s handler was placed on paid administrative leave, and the dog is under quarantine at a city kennel.

MPD Capt. Regina Duckett would not say whether or not the dog’s handler went into the home with the dog when it killed Pettaway.

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